About Us

We are Fresh Brands, based in London, UK. We love looking at organisations from a fresh perspective; evaluating the best solutions for their needs without bias toward a particular marketing discipline. Clients often come to us looking for PR, Advertising or Social Media and are delighted when we make changes to their website to convert more visitors into customers before running a campaign. This level of commitment and diversity of expertise ensures the best return on investment for our clients, which few agencies can match.

We Work As

An Extension of Your Team

…And Simply Do What Works

(which sets us apart)


To create tailored marketing solutions based on each client’s unique situation and objectives, not on a marketer’s particular area of expertise.

We love to get to the heart of your business and build brands from the ground up at any stage of their development.

Your success will be our success.


We insist on a unified team to evaluate how a client is best-served. Our approach is very different from many ‘integrated’ agencies, where distinct departments have little communication or understanding between them.

A department structure unintentionally creates competition instead of cohesion. This means the client’s needs are not evaluated objectively but from an inherently biased view point.

How we got here | Background Story

Hi, I’m Jon, founder of Fresh Brands. I began in media as an advertising planner more than 10 years ago at a leading agency. With a knack for big ideas and an artful turn of phrase, I was appropriated by the PR department and as a copywriter in the design team.

I was an account manager across Media Planning, PR and Creative Design when Facebook and Twitter were still fledgling companies and decided to study for a Masters in Digital Marketing to be ready for the digital media revolution.

I left agency work to help big brands establish their newly-formed digital marketing departments. Working in-house meant I could oversee campaigns in their entirety, tying all the disparate marketing disciplines together.

This passion for utilising whichever marketing mix best serves the client is at the core of why Fresh Brands was created.

Our Skills

Public Relations 100%

SEO 95%

Website Design 90%
PPC and Traditional Advertising 85%

Social Media Marketing 100%

Creative Design 90%