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Fresh Brands joined forces with Ultra Sport Europe, a retailer specialising in extreme sports and outdoor sports equipment to launch various new technologies to the UK market. Fuelled by a mutual love for heart-pounding adventure, Fresh Brands introduced Ultra Sport Europe’s line of sports and action photography gadgets to tech journalists, as well as placing the products on features pages in men’s and women’s magazines and in the national press.

Making Waves In Major National Press 

Fresh Brands tactically positioned Ultra Sport Europe’s action photography gadgets within numerous product pages of major national newspapers The Times and The Independent showcased the gadgets, bolstering the visibility of the individual products and lending them credibility and authority among adventure enthusiasts and consumers alike.

Rave Reviews In Targeted Tech Titles

Fresh Brands orchestrated a focused PR campaign to achieve extensive coverage in key tech-oriented magazines. Prominent publications such as T3, Pocket-lint, and Stuff Magazine sang praises for Ultra Sport Europe’s gadgets, commending their state-of-the-art features, durability, and versatility. 

Coverage That Scored With Major Sports Titles

Fresh Brands recognized the significance of reaching out to sports enthusiasts and securing coverage in product pages of  related specialist sports publications. Through strategic media outreach, Ultra Sport Europe’s action photography gadgets were featured in esteemed sports titles like Red Bull Adventure, Outdoor Sports Magazine, and Trail Running Magazine. 

Showcasing Gift-Worthy Products

We positioned Ultra Sport Europe’s action photography gadgets as an ideal gift choice for adventure enthusiasts. By presenting the gadgets as unique and practical presents for special occasions, we successfully gained coverage in consumer titles. Renowned publications like Men’s Health highlighted Ultra Sport Europe’s gadgets in their gift guides, showcasing them to a broader consumer audience.


Fresh Brands’ partnership with Ultra Sport Europe serves as a good example of the important impact well-planned PR makes in for consumer products, even when the products can be considered quite niche, they can have mass appeal and attract significant mainstream interest.  

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