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The Client


Homemade London is a unique craft workshop and event business, where people come to learn craft and to make things they’ll love, from their own lingerie, to unique lampshades or their own signature scent. They asked us to provide comprehensive marketing and PR support. Our services included branding and corporate identity, public relations targeting the London press and women’s titles, social media management, and SEO. Through our efforts, we aimed to elevate Homemade London’s brand awareness, expand their customer base, and position them as a go-to destination for creative experiences in London.

Marketing Strategy

Our strategy incorporated influencer partnerships, and targeted promotions, resulting in increased workshop bookings and brand engagement.

Creative Design

We designed the logo, branding and corporate identity which inspired the look of the shop and its decor and captured the  welcoming, friendly and feminine appeal of the business. 

Public Relations

We spearheaded public relations for Homemade London, targeting the London press and women’s titles. We ran unique event concepts and invited journalists along to capture media attention. Our media outreach efforts resulted in features and mentions in renowned publications such as Evening Standard, Time Out London, and Stylist magazine.

Social Media Management

Fresh Brands took charge of Homemade London’s social media management, harnessing the power of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase the workshops and events. We created engaging content, including visually appealing images and informative captions, to foster audience engagement and promote workshop offerings. Our efforts resulted in increased follower growth, higher levels of user-generated content, and improved online brand perception.


Fresh Brands implemented SEO strategies to improve Homemade London’s online visibility and search engine rankings. We conducted keyword research and optimised website content, added meta tags, and descriptions to ensure maximum discoverability on search engines. As a result, Homemade London’s website experienced an increase in organic traffic, leading to more workshop inquiries and bookings from individuals searching for craft-related experiences in London.


Fresh Brands’ work with Homemade London exemplifies the power of a comprehensive and complete marketing strategy in elevating a unique business. 

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