Persuasive political commentary for influential thought-leaders

Public Relations for the leave campaign in the run-up to the EU Referendum


The Client

Fresh Brands partnered  with The Bruges Group, an influential political and economic think tank. The goal was to strategically advocate for Britain’s exit from the EU while championing membership in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), aligning with countries like Norway. Through targeted media outreach, Fresh Brands elevated The Bruges Group’s message, securing coverage in prominent news titles, including The Sun, The Times and Financial Times.

Targeted News Outlets

Fresh Brands executed a comprehensive media outreach strategy to ensure The Bruges Group’s arguments gained maximum exposure. By tailoring press releases and opinion pieces, we successfully secured coverage in leading newspapers and influential business and political titles. The Bruges Group’s viewpoints were prominently featured in The Sun, The Times, Financial Times, The Telegraph and Politico, among others.

Influencing the National Discourse

Fresh Brands strategically positioned The Bruges Group as thought leaders, engaging with journalists, editors, and opinion leaders to shape public debates on Brexit and EFTA. Our expertly crafted media pitches and press releases effectively communicated The Bruges Group’s key arguments, resulting in in-depth coverage and interviews in targeted publications. The Bruges Group’s spokespersons were sought after for expert commentary on Sky News and discussions on radio shows, including LBC.


Fresh Brands’ exclusive PR partnership with The Bruges Group exemplifies the impact of strategic media outreach. By securing coverage in renowned news outlets such as The Sun, The Times, Financial Times, and Sky News, we ensured The Bruges Group’s arguments for Brexit and EFTA, were heard and significantly influenced national conversations on EU membership and trade policy. 

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