Creating a successful PR campaign for an app and a great cause on a limited budget

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Witness Confident, a UK charity asked us to relaunch their app, “Self Evident,” on a limited budget. With a shared passion for leveraging technology for social good, Fresh Brands was eager to support Witness Confident’s mission of enabling anonymous crime reporting. We generated impactful media coverage, in the target Tech media, including collecting a Tech Award from The Independent along the way to appearing on BBC News.

Strategic Media Outreach

Fresh Brands executed a targeted outreach campaign, focusing on tech titles and journalists, highlighting the unique value and social impact of the Self Evident app. Through compelling press releases and liaising with tech journalists we secured coverage in key news outlets such as TechRadar, DigitalTrends, Engadget and more. Witness Confident’s app received positive mentions and features in national and local newspapers, including The Independent’s Tech Issue, which showcased the app as an innovative solution for crime reporting where it scooped an award in the ‘Technology for Social Good’ category. Repeat coverage on BBC News further amplified Witness Confident’s mission and publicised the app to a wider audience.

Measurable Results

Fresh Brands’ campaign yielded tangible results for Witness Confident’s app relaunch. Witness Confident’s app downloads increased by 40% within the first month of the relaunch, demonstrating the public’s growing awareness and adoption of the app’s crime reporting capabilities. This increase in app engagement further contributed to a rise in crime reports submitted anonymously, empowering individuals to provide critical information that otherwise may not have been disclosed.


Fresh Brands’ partnership with Witness Confident for the app relaunch showcased the potential of strategic media outreach for social causes. By securing impactful coverage, including An Independent Tech Award and repeat features on BBC News, Witness Confident’s “Self Evident” app gained significant exposure and achieved measurable results. Witness Confident’s mission to encourage anonymous crime reporting was amplified, leading to increased app downloads and a higher number of crime reports. Fresh Brands’ commitment to supporting technology for social good was fully realised through this successful app relaunch campaign.

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