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We partnered with JustPose, an innovative photo booth company, to publicise their business launch and drive rapid growth. Through a strategic blend of PR, Social Media, SEO, and CRO tactics, Fresh Brands propelled JustPose into the limelight, generating extensive media coverage and establishing a solid foundation for success.

PR Triumphs

Fresh Brands spearheaded a comprehensive PR campaign that garnered considerable coverage across various media. JustPose’s photo booths captured the attention of national press, including The Guardian, prominent features in esteemed wedding magazines like Brides UK and Wedding Ideas and widespread recognition in leading trade publications such as Event Industry News and HR Magazine to name just a few.

Social Media Amplification

Fresh Brands harnessed the power of social media to amplify JustPose’s brand presence. By curating visually stunning and shareable content, targeting key audience segments, and encouraging user generated content, JustPose’s social media channels grew quickly. Notably, their Instagram account helped attract direct bookings from high-profile corporate clients.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Fresh Brands conducted thorough analysis and optimisation of JustPose’s website to maximise conversion rates. By implementing strategic design changes, and simplifying the user experience, Fresh Brands achieved an impressive 25% increase in bookings through the website. 


Fresh Brands’ collaboration with JustPose showcases the power of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. By leveraging PR, Social Media, SEO, and CRO tactics, Fresh Brands positioned JustPose as a leading novelty photo booth provider. JustPose’s success story, with national media coverage and significant business growth, serves as a testament to Fresh Brands’ ability to help grow small brands to new heights.

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