Queens Skate, Dine & Bowl is one of London’s leading leisure destinations

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The Client


Queens Skate, Dine & Bowl, a leading ice skating and bowling leisure destination in London, partnered with us to enhance their brand image and increase footfall. We delivered a comprehensive marketing strategy, incorporating PR, Social Media and advertising to position Queens as a must-visit venue for entertainment and socialising.

National and Local PR 

Maximising Press Coverage: Fresh Brands organised press events and invited journalists from prominent media outlets to experience the unique offerings of Queens. We ensured wide media coverage by securing coverage in national newspapers such as The Guardian and The Telegraph, lifestyle magazines including Time Out London, and influential local publications like The Metro and London Evening Standard. We also featured in prominent London blogs such as Londonist, LondONtheinside, TheLondonInsider, LondonEater and many more. By securing features, interviews, and event coverage in these outlets, we successfully generated substantial media buzz and positioned Queens as a top entertainment destination in the city.

Social Media Management – Building an Engaged Community

Fresh Brands took charge of Queens’ social media accounts, leveraging platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to engage with the target audience. We encouraged and shared user-generated experiences, and promoted upcoming events and offers. By fostering an interactive and vibrant online community, we increased brand awareness, user engagement, and ultimately drove footfall to the venue.

Print Advertising – Reaching the Local Audience

Fresh Brands executed a targeted print advertising campaign in the Metro, a widely circulated daily newspaper in London. We designed compelling ad copy and corresponding posters that were strategically placed throughout the venue, attracting the attention of visitors and upselling Queens’ diverse offerings. The print campaign not only reached a large local audience but also effectively conveyed Queens’ unique proposition as an entertainment hub with diner-style food and a fully licensed bar.


Fresh Brands strategically positioned Queens, Skate, Dine & Bowl in London as a premier leisure destination through PR, media coverage, social media management, and print advertising. By securing influential media coverage, engaging with the target audience on social media, and captivating the local community with print ads, Fresh Brands increased brand visibility, user engagement, and footfall. Queens gained a wider customer base and established itself as a go-to destination for days out and social experiences in the city.

Results of

The Project

Increase in social media engagement
Growth in followers across all platforms
Reach of advertising campaign in thousands
Increase in footfall within 3 months

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Designer and Entrepreneur

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