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The Client


Fresh Brands partnered with LighterLife, a renowned weight loss company, to improve their online presence and drive business growth. By leveraging an array of digital marketing tools, Fresh Brands devised a comprehensive strategy that transformed LighterLife’s digital output, resulting in substantial improvements across various key performance indicators.

SEO Enhancements

Fresh Brands meticulously optimised LighterLife’s website to improve search engine rankings, targeting relevant keywords, and optimising meta tags, resulting in a 35% increase in organic traffic within six months. In fact, the keyword research we conducted was in part responsible for a change of direction for the brand, which began to emphasise the use of its products as part of ‘fasting’ protocols and the ‘fast weight loss’ messaging is now at the core of the brand where previously the company had avoided such associations. We also removed and replaced poorly structured legacy ‘black hat’ SEO practices which were damaging the brand’s online reputation with search engines. We also removed or pushed negative news articles down search page listings to minimise their visibility.   

Social Media Amplification

Through social media profile rebranding, and tailored, engaging social media campaigns, Fresh Brands elevated LighterLife’s brand presence across multiple platforms. By curating compelling content, leveraging influencers, and fostering meaningful interactions,  helping to generate content from the customer-base, LighterLife experienced a 120% surge in social media followers, resulting in increased brand awareness and community engagement.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Fresh Brands identified conversion bottlenecks and conducted extensive A/B testing to enhance LighterLife’s website user experience. By implementing design changes, like simplifying and shortening the sign-up process, creating and optimising landing pages, and streamlining the conversion funnel, we achieved a remarkable 30% increase in conversion rates, leading to a significant boost in customer acquisitions.

Blogging for Thought Leadership

To establish LighterLife as a leader in the weight loss space, we created the brand’s first blog, crafting informative and engaging blog posts, which provided valuable insights, tips, and success stories, driving organic traffic and nurturing customer loyalty.

Seasonal PPC Advertising Campaigns

Fresh Brands introduced seasonal PPC advertising campaigns, leveraging compelling ad copies and precise targeting to reach LighterLife’s  target audience with the right messaging for the time of year. By adding more specificity to the adwords, we significantly reduced the costs of the ads, while increasing click-throughs.  By aligning these campaigns with seasonal weight loss trends and offering tailored promotions, we achieved a 80% increase in conversion rates from advertising, to boost revenue during peak periods.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We introduced targeted email marketing campaigns, to  strengthen LighterLife’s customer relationships and generate repeat business. By segmenting the customer base, personalising email content, and leveraging automated workflows, we achieved an impressive 25% increase in email open rates and a 15% increase in customer retention.


Fresh Brands’ partnership with LighterLife exemplifies the transformative power of digital marketing. We worked in-house with LighterLife’s web developers and marketing team to launch the company’s digital marketing department. By employing an integrated approach encompassing SEO, social media, conversion rate optimisation, blogging, PPC advertising, and email marketing, Fresh Brands raised the profile of LighterLife, as an industry leader, driving significant business growth and enhancing customer engagement. LighterLife’s success story serves as a testament to Fresh Brands’ expertise in leveraging digital marketing tools to empower brands in the competitive digital landscape

Results of

The Project

Increase In Organic Search Traffic
Increase in Social Media Followers
More Conversions From Advertising
Increase In Email Open Rates

Fresh Brands are a brilliant, affordable agency for small businesses that want to grow their profile.

Victoria Eggs

Designer and Entrepreneur

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