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Fresh Brands joined forces with the prestigious British Curry Awards, a celebrated platform to honor excellence in the curry and South Asian restaurant scene. Our PR endeavours focused on shedding light on manifold issues affecting the UK’s restaurant and catering sectors—political, economic, social, and technical alike. By establishing our client as a leading advocate and foremost spokesperson for the industry, we captured the attention of prominent UK media outlets, including Sky News, The Independent, and The Guardian, to name just a few.

Highlighting Industry Challenges

Fresh Brands keenly identified the pressing concerns plaguing the restaurant and catering industries in the UK. Armed with thought-provoking press releases, op-eds, and insightful expert commentary, we positioned the British Curry Awards and it’s founder as an authoritative voice and staunch advocate for tackling these challenges head-on. Our campaigns delved into topics such as labour shortages in a post-Brexit landscape, the rising costs of ingredients, sustainability practices, and technological advancements—all resonating with industry professionals, policymakers, and the public at large.

Securing National Coverage 

Fresh Brands’ masterful PR campaigns accomplished the remarkable feat of securing widespread coverage for the British Curry Awards across major national UK channels. Our client enjoyed appearances in interviews, and informative news segments on Sky News, offering valuable insights into the industry’s trials and potential solutions. Esteemed publications such as The Times, The Independent and The Guardian showcased the opinions of  by representatives of the British Curry Awards, solidifying their standing as leading voices within the industry. Our client’s insights contributed to the national discourse surrounding the restaurant and catering sectors, garnering attention from stakeholders and the general public alike.


Fresh Brands’ collaborative venture with the British Curry Awards serves as a testament to the power of strategic PR campaigns in highlighting the big issues faced by industries.  Positioning our client as the spokespersons, we achieved extensive coverage across major national UK channels, and newspapers. The thought leadership and expert commentary featured in esteemed publications contributed to a wider national dialogue, elevating awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by the industry which was then picked up by other social commentators and the messages amplified.


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